California Fair Services Authority

California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) is a joint powers authority (JPA) created to manage and administer workers’ compensation, general liability, special events and revenue protection self-insurance pools, related services and programs designed especially for California’s fairs. (There are 78 active fairgrounds in California). Since our formation in 1986, as our member fairs’ needs have grown, so has the depth and the scope of our service offerings. Today, along with our full-service risk management program and in-house claims handling, CFSA also provides accounting, benefit administration and business support services, including strategic planning, and construction project planning and management services.

A large part of our responsibility as a risk pool manager is to help pool members maintain fairgrounds that are safe for employees and visitors alike. We do this with a comprehensive, year-round risk-control (safety) program featuring mobile equipment certifications, employee training and inspection programs, Title 8 Cal/OSHA workplace safety program development, and special events training and inspection programs.