Golden Bear Physical Therapy Sports Injury Center

About Us


Golden Bear Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center is a private practice established in 1981. We are a well-recognized provider of high quality, outpatient physical therapy. Golden Bear Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center also provides specialized treatment to help our patients with orthopedic, neurological, musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Our new state-of the-art facilities provide patients with advanced physical therapy services such as Aquatic Therapy. Our staff at Golden Bear Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center is with you every step of the way to help our patients get back to a pain-free active lifestyle.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Golden Bear Physical Therapy Sports Injury Center Inc. (GBPT) to provide patients with therapeutic and restorative rehabilitation services for the injured, disabled, or sick. To assist each patient in reaching their maximum performance so they may assume their rightful place in society while learning to live within the limits of their capabilities.

GBPT shall provide state-of-the-art health care that strives to significantly improve the well-being of each patient, while recognizing their capacity for being responsible for their own health. Members shall be treated with respect and dignity.

GBPT shall serve as a health care resource, educating the community in terms of self-care and responsibility. GBPT and its staff shall strive for and seek continued means to reach and maintain the highest standards of health care delivery. GBPT and its staff shall accept responsibility for maintaining a cost effective and profitable business, providing services to patients/clients in a professional, courteous and caring manner.

Vision Statement

As a resource for physical therapy in Central California, our vision is to continue to provide the highest quality physical therapy services to regions of need. We will continue to identify undeserved areas and find solutions by establishing clinics, recruiting talented clinicians, and promoting our profession. We can be a dynamic component of public health to all members of the community.


Golden Bear Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center promotes healing and aims to improve our patient's function, mobility, prevent disability and increase strength. Our main objective is for our patients to achieve freedom from pain, have an independent living, and to have an understanding of how to prevent injury.

Why Choose Golden Bear Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Center?

  • Thorough initial evaluations and assessments
  • Individualized treatment programs
  • Services provided by licensed Physical Therapists emphasizing hands-on therapy
  • Emphasis on improving function and measuring outcomes
  • Our therapists being trained in the latest advancements in therapy
  • Unparalleled patient education
  • Home program development
  • A professional, clean environment
  • Convenient locations


Golden Bear Physical Therapy uses specially designed exercises and treatments to help patients regain or improve their physical functions and abilities. We have practiced quality care for over 35 years and continue to see high patient satisfaction and excellent results due to:

  • Top Rated Physical Therapists
  • Excellent Results/Outcomes
  • We listen/open communication
  • Promote post treatment health and wellness programs
  • State of the Art Facilities