Rock-it Education

Rock-it Education is a Sacramento based start-up focusing on creating solutions in E-learning and Financial Technology. We are currently working on building an app based solution that would teach youth all around the country about Financial Literacy through the use of gamification.

Rock-it Education Sacramento State, J Street, Sacramento, CA, USA
Jan 27, 2020
Specifications for team members Someone  who provides value and has a background in financial’s to advise and to help run experiments for validated learning. Someone who has know-how on what would be most important to include in the very first version of the app. Someone who can help develop the curriculum within the app.  On the Technical side Rock-it is looking for a team of software engineers on any level to help develop the mvp (minimum viable product), people to help run a marketing campaign on Facebook, improve the website, create a click funnel, marketing emails, and help with growth hacking (cheap marketing). As a team member of Rock-it education you’re highly skilled innovative, creative, resourceful, and committed individual. Not only will you develop essential real world skills by working for a Start-up. You’ll also have hands on experience with growing a full fledged business. You’ll work as a team on deadlines and goals for projects to get Rock-it Education off the ground. As a team member of Rock-it Education you’ll be apart of weekly meetings to ensure progress and productivity. Duties include: Graphic design, Digital Marketing, Product development, LEAN innovating, and other essential tasks to building a business. This start-up is volunteer up to the point of Fundraising ( Angel Investors, Family and Friends Investing, and seed Investing). With what you won't get monetarily you will be made up for with  social Impact. Financial Literacy is a huge problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.    Key Qualifications Strong interest in technology, particularly financial technology, e-learning, and mobile applications. Passion for good money habits and practicing financial Literacy. Passionate about Entrepreneurship and social impact.   Strong communication skills that let you converse as freely and comfortably with small groups as with individual customers. Being able to speak confidently about the business. A strong background and passion for Business.  Someone who can dedicate 7-12 hours a week helping to grow the venture.  excels in interpersonal relationships. Knowledge of recent and innovative/ disruptive technology ( Ai, Blockchain, Robo-advsing). Basic technological skills needed for digital marketing.(below would be those skills)   Serve to improve functionality and design of current website. Design a system for click funnel marketing ( if you don’t know what this is that’s ok you can learn)  Be able to make attractive and informing posts on multiple channels: Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Be able to make creative and attractive Graphics for social media posts. Be able to interpret certain data analytics to increase traffic. Be able to increase interactions with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)  Help create surveys and polls and collect data from them. Make deadlines for posts, Campaigns, and etc. Grow followers by posting/ interacting with and helping customers.