FollettUSA | Storage Star

FollettUSA is a real estate investment firm focused on wealth preservation, tax-efficient income, and long-term equity value creation

•In 2003, we added Self-Storage to our portfolio, as this asset class provides stable income and has attractive long-term fundamentals

•Over the last 30 years we have: (i) invested in over 100 properties with only one realized equity capital loss in the firm’s history; (ii) never defaulted on a loan; and (iii) never missed a single debt payment

•We have a strong, lean and nimble team

•FollettUSA principals co-invest alongside every investment

•Strong investor base of high-net-worth families with long-term time horizon

•Investors, lenders, sellers and brokers always interact directly with key decision-makers

Storage Star is the self-storage ownership and management branch of FollettUSA. Its portfolio currently consists of 24 self-storage properties across 6 states.