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Mathews Capital Management LLC

1601 Alhambra Blvd. Suite #100

Sacramento, CA 95816


March 10, 2021





We are in need to hire a part-time (paid by the hour) social media marketing intern.   

This position will report directly to the CEO and help primarily with content posts to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  You will coordinate with the executive assistant to the CEO and work in the office location 3 days per week.   The CEO will provide the thought leadership and content but needs technical help and consistency posting to these social media platforms.    


Your job responsibilities are as follows (Duties and Responsibilities):

  • Design (with my help), document and post social media content to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We may add YouTube at a later date.  No plans at this time for presence on Tik Tok, Twitter, or other social media platforms. 
  • Skills needed with iPhone video and built-in editing tools. To film the CEO doing video content.  
  • Assisting with filming occasional speeches by the CEO at events/on stages.
  • Light email marketing campaigns (we use MailChimp).
  • Research social media marketing tools, new potential vendors for a variety of services, etc.
  • Work with the Administrative Assistant on the firm website (using the built-in domain hosting provider built in tools)


The social media marketing intern duties include the list above and  occasional monitoring and responses to social media comments.  The role will also involve occasionally conducting research and preparing summaries and reports on various topics (selecting new social media marketing tools, vendors, etc.)


Social Media Marketing Intern Salary:  $12 / hour.   With the opportunity to increase to $14 / hour at the nine-month mark subject to semiannual performance review.  The typical work week will average 15-18 hours per week (starting at 11 a.m. and finishing at 3 p.m. with breaks but no lunch break, 3-4 days per week).  Some weeks will be up to 20 hours per week and some as few as 9 hours a week.  Most weeks will average 15 hours.  No sick pay or vacation pay is provided. 


The five potential performance ratings are:

  • SEE – Significantly Exceeds Expectations
  • EE – Exceeds Expectations
  • ME – Meets Expectations
  • MSE – Meets Some Expectations
  • NME – Not Meeting Expectations


You will report directly to me – the CEO. 


All training costs,  monthly parking, office fees (for internet, printing, mail etc.) will be provided by the company.  The successful candidate is responsible to provide your own laptop at no charge to the company.   


I can be contacted by phone at (916)582-2823 or by email at


We are looking forward to working with you and having you join the team. 




Russell Mathews