California Applicants Attorneys Association

Since 1966, the California Applicant's Attorneys Association (CAAA), a non-profit professional association, has dedicated itself to helping Californians that get hurt on the job heal and get back to work.  On legislative issues, we work with a multitude of unions and our members proudly represent thousands of union workers every year.  We also represent more immigrant workers than any other California organization of lawyers.  We better California's workforce by engaging in three areas of advocacy: policy, legal, and educational.   

 Our Association consists of attorneys who represent injured workers, along with non-attorney members who provide a variety of services in connection with the workers' compensation system.

 Our Association frequently interacts with "the outside world" - a multitude of non-members which include legislators, legislative staff, agencies, unions, allies, and the general public.

 Our Association monitors cases that may have a significant impact on working Californians in order to find opportunities to weigh in as amici curiae, or friends of the court.

 We advocate for the interests of workers by strategically participating in the legislative and regulatory processes.

 Our Association ensures that attorneys, physicians, employers, and the insurance industry understand current laws and acceptable practices through a variety of educational programs, which includes hosting two four-day conventions each year.