San Joaquin Delta College

San Joaquin Delta Community College District, as part of our Vision, “promotes a climate of respect and authentic engagement. We are culturally responsive to the needs of our diverse student body. We strive to increase and sustain equitable outcomes for all students. We recruit and retain quality employees who are reflective of our students and the community we serve, in addition to providing all personnel with equity and diversity training.”

 San Joaquin Delta College is a proud Chicanx/Latinx, and Hispanic-Serving Institution, Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution, and Minority Serving Institution, serving over 26,086 students in the California Central Valley. The student population is as follows: by ethnicity – 48.18% Latinx, 16.15% White, 19.87% Asian/Filipino/Pacific Islander, 7.61% Black/African American, 0.38% American Indian, 5.17% two or more races and 2.64% unknown; by gender - 58.69% female, 39.52% male, 1.79% unspecified; and by age - 40.78% ages 19 or younger, 29.62% ages 20-24, 11.54% ages 25-29, 6.71% ages 30-34, 4.47% ages 35-39, 4.17% ages 40-49,2.71% ages 50 and older.

San Joaquin Delta College works to create an inclusive environment that provides a safe-haven for international students, veterans, re-entry students, LGBTQIA+ students, and students of various learning styles regardless of citizenship status.