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  • Aug 20, 2021
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Strategy Capabilities Consultant


Business Consulting? Marketing? Data Analytics? Software Development?

If these topics resonate with you? If so, there is an opportunity for you at

Knucklehead Strategist LLC.

In sports, as in business, an inordinately small number of teams win an inordinately

large number of championships — the equivalent of dominate market share. Our

research over 20 years have show us that the difference between those who

triumph and those who scramble for what’s left over lies in how they discover and

develop talent.

We are a strategy capability consulting firm, working with senior management at

the intersection of business strategy and talent discovery. Unlike the competition,

we use 20+ years of research into how the player development systems of

championship sports teams identify, evaluate, and develop talent. From that

research, we identified five key success factors (touch points) of the scouting

process. These touch points are quantified into observable metrics collected into a

data set to predict scout performance. The value of our approach is better

alignment of talent with strategy to win the market-share battle — more wins,

fewer missed opportunities.

If you’re looking to be part of writing the playbook for something that has never

been done before, then this is the right opportunity for you. We’re looking

candidates to research, develop, and market software-enabled strategy -

capabilities consulting services as a disruptive process to address conventional

succession management problems.

Successful skill-set candidates include a passion for sports, marketing and sales

attributes, analytical and software skills, business research and writing abilities, and

the need to work on a project from product concept to past the time of delivery.

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Changing the Game in How Data-Driven Succession Management is Done

Using SmartScout™

Brought to you by Knucklehead Strategist LLC


Did you know 80% of corporations “miss the mark” evaluating talent for critical positions? …an opportunity cost of $500K to $2.5 million!

You would not have that problem if you used SmartScout.

SmartScout reduces the risk of the wrong talent in key positions … or the cost key talent in underutilized positions … or loss of

prospective key talent to competitors … or failing to become a talent destination.

Conventional succession management methods of building a leadership-bench, for all leadership levels and key contributor positions, are

perfunctory at best. Hamartia as ancient Greek writers would say, … “miss the mark” … they fail to see talent evaluation as the Achilles’ heel of

succession planning.

Our software-enabled talent-discovery methodology is designed to track, measure, and predict the performance of the leadership succession

process … by infusing talent evaluation with more sense-making, less meaningless data. As championship sports teams deploy these practices,

this approach provides leaders with hard and soft analytical tools to optimize the scouting process and the framework that most effectively

deploy the right talent for critical positions. Championship sports teams invest in and rely on seasoned talent evaluators and analytical assessment

to shape how they approach talent acquisition and roster composition—why shouldn’t the same be true in business succession management?

SmartScout™ shifts the focus from player to scout where the leader-as-scout becomes a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It’s all about

discovering and developing talent evaluation abilities of leaders to reduce mistakes in critical staffing decisions.

Our data-driven work is built on the CHAMPS Framework™ -- 20 plus years of original research into the player development systems of

championship sports teams. It reveals the need to place great emphasis on tracking, measuring, and developing talent evaluators. Talent

evaluators come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from C-level executives to frontline managers to key individual contributors. Our investigation

identified 5 Key Success Factors (KSFs), simple yet elegant that translate readily into a business context. The CHAMPS Framework™ -- is a

touchpoint data-driven platform.

SmartScout™ utilizes the CHAMPS platform to place talent evaluation as the focus for reducing the risk in succession planning.

Our methodology uses the customer experience (CX) model, the methodology gathers ethnographic insights from a continuous scouting process

by leader-as-scout to collect, analyze, and interpret thick and thin data using probabilistic logic.

SmartScout™ deliverables …







Gap analysis using a validated 60-question web based survey to identify gaps in current discovery and development process

CHAMPS “touch point” framework to track the manager-as-scout CX.

Touch points, above and below the conscious level of awareness via ethnographic methods.

Guided sensemaking to tease out insights most relevant to scout and scouting process success.

Observable metrics from touch point analysis collected into a data set for software development.

Coaching managers on scouting skills to make informed staffing decisions … smarter picks, fewer missed opportunities.

CLIENTS OF THE CHAMPS FRAMEWORK™ -- Include Nike, American Airlines, Motorola, Applied Materials, DST Output, Cooper Labs and others.

SmartScout™ turbocharges conventional succession management by reducing the risk and cost of missed opportunities.


Target All Scouting Activity

To Team’s Strategy

Picture Player Types Using a

Common Language

Go Beyond Measurables To

Determine Player Potential

Use The Player’s Potential

To Make Smart Picks

Drive Talent Decisions with

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Aug 19, 2021