California Department of General Services

Although our name infers differently, the California Department of General Services (DGS) is anything but general. We are a diverse and unique department that acts as the business manager for the state of California. DGS helps to better serve the public by providing a variety of services to state agencies, including:

  • Procurement and acquisition solutions
  • Real estate management and design
  • Environmentally friendly transportation and sustainability construction
  • Professional printing, design and web services
  • Administrative hearings and legal services
  • Building standards and oversight of structural safety
  • Fire/life safety and accessibility for the design and construction of K-12 public schools and community colleges
  • Funding for school construction

DGS employs over 3,000 employees to help run over 20 different lines of business. The Department also houses large Finance, Human Resources, and IT offices.

With a diverse business portfolio, you are destined to find your dream job at DGS! Check out our career page for a snapshot of our current job openings or click the link below to explore all the opportunities waiting for you at DGS!