DJA Properties

We make it home.

At DJA, we believe the most important work people will ever do will be within the walls of their homes. That's why we want our properties to be the best they can be. We're on a mission to Make it Home, not just manage properties. Because home is more than a place - it's where life happens. 

We value the input of our DJA family and are continually looking for ways to make our own practices more innovative and responsive to the needs of the Property Owners, Employees, and Residents. We are always striving to "Make it Home."


We believe that relationships matter.

Since our founding 25 years ago, DJA properties has grown from a two-person office into one of the largest property management firms in Sacramento. We began by turning around struggling properties and built our reputation as a lifeline for under-performing complexes; but our time-tested management philosophies allow us to partner with properties across the spectrum to increase the success of any investment. DJA has proved time and time again to be a leader in multifamily management because we know what works... and what doesn't.

DJA was founded by Dick & Kris James, and is now owned and operated by the second and third generation. But the DJA family also includes employees, clients, and residents. We have built our business on the strength of our relationships within our company and with our clients. These relationships matter.


At DJA, we believe in integrity, hard work, and building lasting relationships. Over the years we've seen it all. We roll our sleeves up and dive in -- and we don't make excuses. In fact, our motto around here when we're faced with challenges or roadblocks is to do what it takes to "Make it Home." 

To us, that means pressing forward and living out our philosophy of never renting a property that isn't completely ready, and isn't one we wouldn't want to live in. It means doing work in-house to maintain quality, increase responsiveness, and save our owners money. It means being empowered to truly care for owners, residents, and properties - in every conversation and interaction we have.